Best Museums in Mississippi

Museum Names Type Built Year Hours User Rating
African American Military History Museum Local History 1942 10AM–4PM 4.5 / 5
Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum Art Museum 2004 10AM–4PM 4.8 / 5
Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum Local History 1894 9AM–5PM 3.7 / 5
Biloxi Mardi Gras Museum Local History 1848 10AM–4PM 4.0 / 5
Busted Wrench Garage Museum Local History 1996 8AM–5PM 4.4 / 5
Century of History Museum Local History 1759 10AM–4PM 4.0 / 5
Canton Multicultural Center & Museum Local History 1855 8AM–5PM 4.0 / 5
Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum Music Museum 1987 9AM–5PM 4.0 / 5
Gateway to the Blues Visitors Center and Museum Music Museum 1895 8:30AM–5:00PM 4.5 / 5

2 Mississippi Museums

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highlighted point is that Mississippi features a unique integration of both urban and the rural communities. There are also many attractions and activities to take part in it. At the same time, the folks can take up a brochure in order to guide them during the tour. There is a list of the homes available and also inquiry can be done successfully regarding the appointments for the viewing. The well known Crossroads National Battlefield is located in the Baldwyn and once upon a time the Confederate cavalry was under the control of General Nathan Bedford. Then the visitor’s center data is offered over the battlefield trails, markers, cemeteries and a list of the historical bookstores including the galleries. Mississippi river is one of the popular destinations of the United States. It is the second largest river with a total length of the two thousand three hundred and twenty meters where the initial point is from the Gulf of Mexico to the Lake Itasca. On the other side of the flip, It exhibits an important history and its tradition. This one has formed about two million years ago and it is a unique place to reside for more about five hundred species of birds and the aquatic animals. At the same time, it plays a vital role in the field of the economy of the communities. There were three major earthquakes and it has several tributes such as the St. Croix, Minnesota, and Iowa including the Illinois River along with the tributaries such as the Tennessee River. This one flows through the ten major states of the nation and it is also the largest drainage basins globally after the place of the Amazon and the Congo Rivers.

Mississippi Museum of Art

Initially, in the year 1911, the Mississippi Art Museum Art came into existence. Then the State Fair Association and the founder of Jackson’s Art Study Club organized a unique exhibition for the local part of the State Fair. The folks who are participated in the year 1911 in the terms of the State fair were well confident about the organized Mississippi Art Association. Generally, the folks are the supporters of the Arts and the original members of the club to participate in all the events. The main aim of the Mississippi Art Association is to hold a list of the exhibitions at the particular state fair. The shows such as the YWCA, City Auditorium, and Public Library including the Governor’s mansion were held in the available space. In the olden days, the MAA introduced a list of the art classes to public schools. Then, later on, they introduced a permanent art collection in the year 1911. The folks involved in the purchase award system for the concerned annual state fair exhibition. Then MAA shared a concerned space for a list of the clubs and the published the art collection in the offices too. Then after a certain period then MSS became active too. Then an exhibition was established in the year 1931 which totally complemented the annual oil exhibition. In the year 1949, the employee performed the light housekeeping chores and also cared for the permanent collection too. In the year 1951, the MAA failed to file the required papers in the concerned fashion. Then after some years, the organization enhanced the children’s art of work including the Allison’s Art Colony subjected to the exhibition agenda. There were several events such as the children’s art, teacher training workshops, scholarships for the training including the workshops subjected to the MAA’s commitment.

In the year 1955, the president made the effort to secure an art especially for the museum for the Jackson. The main objective of the work is to work towards the full-fledged art institution. At the same time, the officers worked well to meet the goal. Then an art gallery was included concerned to the new civic center. After a certain period then the MAA worked towards the construction of a museum building. Then automatically the fundraising went automatically into the effort and the Gallery Guild was formed in the year 1965. In the year 1967, the professional director was involved and they occupied the offices in the particular Municipal Art Gallery. The dedication ceremonies were held in the year 1978 which were involved with the national and the international exhibitions. Then in the same year, the museum created the term of the short-lived Mississippi Gallery.

From the initial stage, the Mississippi Museum Art has implemented a list of the projects. The Palette, a café shop was opened in the year 1980 and the satellite museums were introduced in the year 1989. Additionally, the museum offers the educational programs for both the children and the adults. At the same time, the folks can also enjoy the monthly programs which uniquely feature the art, music including the literature. The Jazz Art and Friends celebrate a loop of the artistic disciplines. On the other side of the flip, the museum offers the entertaining and the educational programs which are subjected to the exhibitions including the audio tours of the selected exhibitions.

The innovative educational areas are mainly focused on the closer look gallery including the family corners. These concerned spaces are located within the exhibition and the folks visit the artwork including the subjects which are found in the exhibitions. Along with its programs, exhibitions including the unique collections the museum shined well in the field of the Mississippi Arts Museum. In the year 2007, several plans came into existence and along with the opening of the new museum. On the other side of the coin, the non-profit organization raised a huge amount of money in order to renovate the Arts Pavilion Building and also to support the operation which is a greater dedication for the Mississippi Museum of Art. Even App Developers UK supported the campaign. A series of the second part of the plans which is known to be the construction of the Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art came into existence. A new campaign was started about the two-acre park which was served as the Museum’s Front yard. Later in the year 2011, this garden is designed to be a unique space where the folks can engage with the art.