A clock is a mechanical instrument to measure, keep track and to indicate the time. The clock remains one of the oldest inventions of humans; clock has been one of the greatest inventions in the history and has been an inevitable device for all the humans. Clock meets the requirements to measure intervals of the time very easily than the natural units, like the day, the lunar month and the year. Clocks are operating on few physical processes and have been used over millennia, and there are a lot of mechanisms used in the clock to make it display the time.

Historically, there have been many ‘clocks', these predecessors of modern clocks are based on the movements of nature. For example, a sundial displays the time according to the position of the sun; technically it shows the time in the form of shadow that is fallen on the dial, which is a flat surface. There are duration timers that work on a range; a well-known example is an hourglass. Hourglasses are built with either water or sand, an amount of sand will be put inside the glass and it will be made to drop down from the top with a narrow passage. Same with the water clock, the water is made to drop by drop from the top to the bottom part.

A timepiece is a traditional silent instrument that misses such a striking mechanism. But today, in general, a clock is referred to any device that is used for measuring the time and to display the time. Watches and other timepieces can be carried by humans and these are often distinguished from clocks, usually, clocks are called as wall clocks as they are fixed on the wall. The next development of the clock is the pendulum clock that comes with a pendulum that is attached to the bottom of the clock. Later in 1840, the electronic clocks were invented. The modern technology made the clock into other electronic devices like phones, and computers, and the digital clock leads to the extinction of the traditional clock.

According to the connection of the internal clockwork type, each clock has a different way of displaying time. Angles are used in analog clocks to display the time. A numeric representation is used in the digital clocks. In digital clocks, two digit formats are followed to display the time. Most of the digital clocks are built in electronic mechanism that uses an LCD, LED, or VFD displays, comparing to the analog clocks these digital clocks are easy to spot the time for many. For convenience, these clocks are designed to make sounds to assist the visually impaired. The study of timekeeping is called as horology.As the Earth is revolving around the sun every day, the shadow of a stationary object in the earth keeps changing; this is the main concept of the sundial. Sundial shows the shadow the time of the day by displaying the position of the shadow on a flat surface, there are numeric measurements marked on the surface and the shadow of the dial that are usually vertical will fall on the dial, which corresponds to the numerical measurements that help the people to know the time.

The accuracy of a well-constructed sundial will be reasonable and allows the people to check the time, this called as solar time. This is constructed with a good perception of the latitudes. Until the modern era, sundials were used to monitor the time and even the performance of a clock. However, there are some practical limitations when using a sundial. They are, it is impossible to check the time at night times, and it is relatively hard to check the time during the cloudy day or the when the sky is not clear. This leads to the encouragement to develop other new techniques to measure and display the right time.Later studies and research lead to the modern clock that is used in most of the houses these days; this is generally called as an analog clock. Analog clock is known for the hands of the clock, usually analog clocks come with three hands and they are called hour hand that indicates the hour, minute hand that indicates the minute, and the second'

Step by Step procees for watch repair

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    Set the time right

    Everyone is going to need to check the time, but how? No, not sundials and sand clocks, but the modern clock would go well with the people. Get your wall clocks and watches from us.

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    Go antique

    Many people are going crazy for classic antique watches and we have got a lot of collection from various places. Decorate your house or your workplace with these clocks to allure the people.

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    Clock Repairs

    Repairs of clocks can be done in a given period of time according to the clock’s repair; this can vary clock to clock. First, the problem of the clock will be figured out and then a solution will be provided to it.

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    Traditional Clocks

    Traditional clocks are one of the most used and most liked clocks among the people, and certainly, Cuckoo clocks are one in the top of the list. There are many people who go crazy for Cuckoo clocks, especially for the sound it makes

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    Services of the Clocks

    Clocks are serviced according to the age of it and also the services that a clock required, antique clocks sometimes need cleaning services and maybe some replacement of the needles or sometimes the entire clock needs to be cleaned or varnished if it is a wooden clock

About All Time Clock Service

All Time Clock Service is a clock service company that is located in Paris, France. We are a pioneer in providing services for all types of clock. We indulge in repairing and servicing the clocks (wall clocks and watches), our services are fully based on satisfying the customers as quick as possible. We have lot customers around the city who are delighted with our services. Our workers are skilled in repairing the clocks and are always ready to assist your problems with the clocks. And we are so happy to serve you as we value you and your time.

All Time Clock service FAQs
There is a list of services offered such as clock repair, clock restoration, clock conversation, clock dial restoration, clock maintenance and cleaning, and oiling etc.
Long case clocks, French clocks which include the mantle, four glass crystal regulator, carriage clock), British and German made clocks, Swiss-made ATMOS clock, modern all style clocks including the electric clocks.
All type of the clock restorations, complete overhauls which include the replacement of the movement is guaranteed for about 12 months.
The Clock Repair Specialist offers personal, qualified, experienced and secure services to all the customers.
Yes, you can get different spare parts of the clock, the pendulum in different varieties and the customization is also possible using instagram clone android.
Yes, both the digital clocks and the analog clocks are serviced using softwares
The delivered time cannot be predicted as it totally depends on the clock and the repairs associated with it.

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