Mill Valley

Mill Valley is a beautiful city which is located in California, United States, and the population is about ten thousand plus according to 2010 census. It is well known for its natural features and surrounded by alluring views of beaches and mountains. The real fact is that Mill Valley is a family and business friendly destination for each and everyone.

Features of Mill Valley Hotel

There is a list of features in the Mill Valley Hotel. There are many contemporary guestrooms which include about ten suites. The total square feet is about 8000 of conferencing space with a pre-function area. We provide with Wi-Fi connection which is about the high-speed internet. The entire service is a concierge service with series of local city tips. The Business center is subjected with that of the workstations and several private meeting rooms. Here we also provide Spa massage featuring about body treatments and with scrubs.

The fitness center is available at any time for the customer’s convenience because some of them wish to use the fitness center according to their comfort zone. The room service is available at any time and the currencies can also be exchanged which includes both local and foreign currency. Our Car parking is a valet one and different kinds of services are available such as twenty-four hours laundry service, dry cleaning services, secretarial services and courier services etc. Coming to the point of fitness center we provide professional trainers and several types of equipment such as thread mills, cycling machines, and free weight area etc.

The gallery liquor shop for the foreign culture people and also for the folks who prefer can take this option which serves fine wines and beverages. The customers can enjoy a refreshing swim in the outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool and it is the perfect place for the relaxation of seven days a week. We also offer an extensive spread and live food stations that complement the city’s most good breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets in our multi-cuisine restaurant.

We also provide halls for the meetings and conferences which get customized as per your needs. Celebrate your life special day and beautiful moments with us. Our planning services aid you to provide the perfect setting for each and every occasion to take your event to the next level. Varying from the authentic Indian functions to the corporate retreats our creative experienced catering team is there to accomplish in creating menus to meet your needs at any time. Our experienced professionals are always available at any time to assist you with your event requirements.

Mill Valley Hotel FAQs

Will breakfast be provided by the hotel along with booking?

Yes, breakfast is provided for at free of costs for our hotel guests. But it is only for the first day of your stay the next meal on the same day or the next day you might need to call the room service through the intercom. But do know that this is a paid service where the guest needs to pay the money in advance to the room service personnel or the cost will be added to the guest’s bill during the time of checkout. The first breakfast is provided by the hotel as a token of love and hospitality for our guests.

Are children allowed to stay free?

Unless the kid is below 5 years, and for the kids who are below 13 years are considered underage kids, are charged only half of the charge that is costed for one adult. And along with that, we have a lot of amenities for the kids to have a wonderful time inside the hotel premises. Find out How to integrate Hotel Reservation Software into your website?. Apart from these facilities, our room services are providing special services for the kids in the guests’ demand, when it comes to the cost of the kids it's very low compared to the adults. Click the drop-down on the website and add the number of kids you would like to bring.

What are the facilities I get with booking a room?

There are numerous facilities and amenities come along with a room booking. Free room services with just an intercom call from your room and the services will be provided at your doorstep. Free access to the swimming pools and you can do workouts in the gym, which is open all day and there are many other amenities available in the hotel like free wifi, valet parking, tours and sightseeing arrangement will be done with the help of the hoteliers or by the front desk staffs available in the hotel with Jizby - Hotel Software. As the staffs are available all the time in the hotel premises with rotational shifts, you are covered round the clock.

Is parking free at the premises?

In a short answer, yes, the parking is free. The hotel has an enormous parking space that can occupy all the guests’ vehicles. When it comes to sophisticated and tidy parking the hotel does it in a most perfect way. Our hotel provides a variety of services where valet parking is one of the services that we are glad to offer our guests. You don’t have any trouble parking the cars as our employees got you covered in the entire period of your stay. As the parking lot is designed spaciously, there won’t be any problem in parking and removing the car.

Can I bring my pet, are pets allowed in a hotel?

Although ‘pet policies’ might vary from hotel to hotel our hotel’s pet policy is to have your pet in a different place, which is designated only for pets. Pets will be monitored and kept very safe, this is done by our hotel staffs and the customer can list go and feed the pet in the due to time. This is one of the very few customized services that our hotel provides to our guests. But it is not recommended by our staffs to keep the pets in your room which you have booked.

Are rollaway beds and cribs available in the hotel?

Yes, rollway beds and cribs for babies are available at free of cost in our hotel. We often help our guests with rollaway beds where they can include one or two more persons in the room for one or two days, this is absolutely free for our guests as our hotel staffs felt this is one of the essential services that any customer will need it regardless of any time when the customers happen to bring their or acquaintance to the hotel room. And obviously, couples who bring their babies need a crib to sleep their babies in it.

How do I get a receipt for my hotel booking?

Hotel receipts for your payments can be received in a few ways right after the payment of the bill. This can be done in many ways that is hard bill copy is one of the ways, and email notification is sent through the email, and the will also get a hard copy of the bill. The bill will be very specific and will include all the things that the user has utilized or requested as a service. If the customer pays the bill with the electronic way then he or she will receive an SMS from the appropriate banks and the service providers. The email receipt will also have a detailed description of utilities that have been used by the customer.

About Mill Valley hotel

Mill Valley hotel is one of the best hotels and it has been successfully running after its five years of growth. Our hotel is located near to the downtown of Mill Valley and the travelers can have fun to the extreme level. We provide many offers such as fine restaurants, boutiques, numerous galleries, and theaters. Our inner is the perfect spot to enjoy the several wonders of the Bay Area. All the popular areas are located in and around of our hotel. If you have any queries our customer support teams are always available to help you at any time and we look forward to meeting you.